Oliver Orc-A 4CL

R 1,549.00

The corrugated frame can absorb a wide range of vibration frequencies, compared to a straight frame. This results in them being absorbed more efficiently and not being passed onto the player's arm.

Metacarbon™, a fibre developed by Oliver, enlarges the kilopound- pressure  per mm² 4 times more than titanium. Now, its possible to decrease the frame-density and to ensure a longer durability.

Even though Metacarbon™ has a fundamental stiffness, the connection with HSM-Resin ensures an extraordinary expansibility. The usage of Metacarbon™ makes a reduction of the weight possible. The Metacarbon™-rackets offer an optimal comfort, handling and vibration cushoning. The Metacarbon™ makes a dynamic and explosive game possible due to the improved power transmission, weight reduction and durability.

Oliver Orc-A 4CL Oliver Orc-A 4CL
Oliver Orc-A 4CL
Zoom Oliver Orc-A 4CL Oliver Orc-A 4CL
Zoom Oliver Orc-A 4CL Oliver Orc-A 4CL


Headsize: 500cm
Weight: 105g (unstrung)
Balance: Slightly head heavy
Construction: Braided-Eplon
String Pattern: 14x18