Wilson Ultra CV Squash Racket

R 1,849.00

Dripping with explosive power, the Ultra CV features Countervail integrated into the frame to absorb racket vibrations and keep your arm fresh – allowing you to play longer and harder than ever before. Consider the booming power generated by a super long string bed and an aerodynamic geometric frame design, and this is a racket that embodies sustainable performance.

- Countervail Technology directs the ball’s energy within the frame instead of the body to maximize player energy, reduce muscle fatigue and shorten recovery time
- Power Profile Geometry features a wide v-shaped neck and squared beams for optimal energy transfer, producing excellent power at a lighter weight
- Longest string bed in Wilson line offers ultimate power
- Graphite construction induces excellent mix of feel and control at a super light weight
- Geometric design and head shape optimize aerodynamics to allow shots closer to wall
- Exact Tack Grip features perfect blend of tackiness and comfort for optimal grip

Wilson Ultra CV Wilson Ultra CV
Wilson Ultra CV
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Headsize: 499cm
Weight: 137g
Balance: 34.5cm
Construction: Graphite Countervail Technology
String Pattern: 14x18